Shoemaker ~ Skipper W Quarter Horses


Skip Beneith
2004 Palomino Mare

                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo by R.D. Prideaux

"Pearl" is  very correct with lots of balance and style.  Talk about a horse that was born broke to ride.  She was a dream to start, accepting every phase of the training without any objection.  Couldn't ask for a more calm, sweet mare.

2005 Reserve Grand Champion 
Color Class   
Shoemaker~Skipper W Show

Skip's Barber 
Spanish Array
Mr Array Spanish Galla
Skips Magistrate
Skippa Colt 
Skip Beneith Skippa Flame
Something Classic
Classical Skipper
Skips Butternut Skip N Teeka 
Skippen Chic
Skippen Sugar Candy
Gold Sugar Candy