Shoemaker ~ Skipper W Quarter Horses


SD Bodacious Gold
 2005 Palomino Gelding

He's been ridden in the mountains, up and down hills, out on the flats through the brush.  He was ridden on the deer hunt and is very calm and stays on the trail and picks his way over and around the dead fall.  He also packed the deer out without any problem.  Boe is a willing and quick learner.  He loads and hauls well and does not have any bad habits.  He stands approximately 15hh

Boe on the deer hunt of 2012




 LA Skips Anniversary x SD Unions Tone

2005 Utah Breeder's Futurity Winner

PHSC Futurity
3rd place in class of 10 

Shoemaker~Skipper W Futurity
2nd place



Skip N Union
St Union
SD Unions Tone St Dolly
Skip N Tone
Saints Tone
SD Bodacious Gold Saints Grand
Skip Along Lad
LJ Double Skip
LA Skips Anniversary Miss Skip Heidi
Skip's Tadpole
Skips Gold Town
Pride Town Girl