2022 Frozen Semen Stallion Service Contract
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Scribble "D" Quarter Horses

Ken & Connie Durfee
162 S. Cooley Street
Grantsville, UT  84029

(435) 884-3374


Please print  to fill in or fill out online to complete this contract.  Sign and return two copies to Scribble D Quarter Horses with $600 to include $200.00 non-refundable Booking Fee and a copy of the mare's registration certificate.  A signed copy will be returned to you.  From this point forward Scribble D Quarter Horses shall be referred to as Stallion Owner.  A photocopy of both sides of mare’s registration certificate shall accompany the non-refundable deposit and become the property of the stallion owner.  The 2022 breeding season is from February10th to July 15th.

This agreement is made between the mare owner:  and Stallion Owner.
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The Mare Owner agrees  they are  the registered owner of the below described  mare.

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Reg#:  AQHA    

1.  Stallion Owner agrees to provide Buyer with one dose of frozen semen from the stallion Skip Prevail AQHA #4509684 for the 2022 breeding fee of  $600.00  to include a non-refundable booking fee of  $200.00 which shall be payable upon execution of this contract.  If a two dose insemination method is requested an additional breeding dose may be purchased for a fee of $200.00.  Multiple mare contract breeding fees are available at 3-4 - $550.00 , 5+ $500.00.  Payment plans available. Must be paid in full prior to semen shipment.  All mares must be owned by the same individual (s).  The frozen semen will be stored at Intermountain Stallion Services (ISS) A division of Hoffman A I Breeders, 1950 South US HWY. 89-91 Logan, Utah 84321. Phone 435-753-7883. For further shipping information please contact ISS directly, please note that semen will be shipped only from ISS directly to the veterinarian, or a qualified storage facility. Mare owner agrees to handle all related shipping and container fees directly with ISS.                       

2.  Buyer specifically agrees and understands that no semen will be shipped until all fees and necessary paperwork have been received by Stallion Owner and funds have cleared the bank.  Make checks payable to:  Ken Durfee  

3.  Stallion Owner assumes responsibility only to deliver semen in viable condition at the time of delivery, the semen must be administered by a licensed veterinarian familiar with the concept and practical use of frozen equine semen with access to an ultra sound machine. Your mare must be present at your veterinarian's facility or a qualified insemination station during her cycle and she must be bred there. Attempts to use frozen semen outside the controlled environment of a qualified facility can greatly reduce or even prevent chances of conception.

4.  ISS will provide detailed thawing and usage instructions for the veterinarian.  A single insemination dose consisting of 4 x 0.5ml straws.   The mare owner hereby agrees to inseminate only the above named mare the full dose or doses, all straws that are delivered. All veterinarian charges in connection with the mare are to be paid by the mare owner. All efforts will be made to achieve conception, however it is highly recommended  that only mares who are reproductively normal be used for breeding with frozen semen. We recommend a recent cervical culture and uterine biopsy (suggested for barren mares or maiden mares over the age of three years, or any mare that has a history of breeding problems or was unable to conceive the previous breeding season.) 

5.  The mare owner agrees to perform a pregnancy ultrasound on the 16th day after the insemination. A second ultrasound 30 days after insemination is recommended as well due to the risk of twins. The results of the ultrasound shall be sent to Stallion Owner.  Should the mare be barren after first cycle.  Additional doses may be sent at a cost of $200.00 each plus all related shipping costs. If mare is not in foal after second cycle she must be evaluated for breeding soundness by a veterinarian specializing in equine breeding and fertility.

6.  Live Foal Guarantee:   The mare shall be checked in foal by a licensed veterinarian between 45 and 60 days after the last breeding date.  Stallion Owner shall be notified in writing of the mare's pregnancy condition. Proof of the mare receiving Rhino Pneumabort-K +1b vaccinations at 5, 7 and 9 months of pregnancy shall be provided to stallion owner to guarantee live foal. Should the mare not settle this breeding season, abort or not have a live (standing or nursing) foal,  the mare owner will be entitled to a renewal of this contract during the following year only for the same mare. The following conditions apply for a re-breeding guarantee: Stallion Owner shall be notified of the abortion or death of the foal within two (2) days by phone or within one (1) week in writing,  This notice shall be accompanied by a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian stating the loss of pregnancy or death of the foal and the foal did not stand and nurse prior to death.

7.  In case of a return breeding the following year only, the booking fee, shipping fees, and container fees are payable again. If the same mare is examined by a licensed equine Veterinarian and tests not to be breeding sound the owner must submit a request to substitute an alternate mare to breed along with a written statement from the Veterinarian, attesting to the breeding state of the alternate mare. The guarantee is considered complete with the mare being checked in foal after re-breeding the following year.

8.  A Transported Semen Breeders Certificate will be issued after all expenses have been paid in full and upon notification of the birth of foal and details to include (date of birth, sex and color) within 30 days after birth.  

9.  The parties agree the Mare Owner shall assume all responsibility for the condition of the mare and shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the mare, weather by death, disease, injury, infection or otherwise, and by any cause whatsoever, and therefore agrees to hold Scribble D or persons employed by or associated with Scribble D harmless for any and all damages associated therewith. Mare Owner specifically understands that Scribble D makes no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, as to the fertilizing capacity of any semen provided by Scribble D..                                                                                                       

10.  This contract is entered into and wholly executed in the state of Utah and litigation arising from any breech of this contract shall be adjudicated in the county of Tooele, in the State of Utah, under Utah Law. This is a legal document, by signing this contract the Mare owner agrees to all conditions stated herein without exception. Mare owner further understands if for any reason they do not adhere to the conditions of this contract the contract will be deemed void.   There will be no further guarantee of any kind or refund of any amount.  


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